2018 京都造形芸術大学(現 京都芸術大学)卒業

2022 個展「視界の端でぴかっと光る」/ 奈良 蔦屋書店 (奈良) 主催:和田画廊
2022 「二次元派展」/ 代官山ヒルサイドフォーラム・N&A Art SITE (東京)
2022 個展「デジタルデトックス」/ Contemporary Tokyo (東京)
2022 「ART FAIR TOKYO 2022」(東京)
2021 個展「n秒後」/ LIGHT HOUSE GALLERY (東京)
2021 「199X¹⁰」/ shuuue (東京)
2020 「青、波間。」/ MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY (東京)
2020 「neo wassyoi」Hidari Zingaro (東京)
2020 「199X⁹」/ shuuue (東京)
2019 個展「わるだくみ会議」/ アトリエ三月 (大阪)

Born in Osaka, Japan
2018 Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design(now Kyoto University of the Arts)

The main theme of Kyaraai’s work is “awareness of being in fluctuation”: in an era which people are exposed to experience diverse values through social networking services; we absorb too many things to lose our own firm opinions and characteristics continuously in a sense of floating. And her artistic practice becomes a vessel to tolerate all of these unstable thoughts. Her works are expressed through the painting style of big-eyed characters like those of the girl’s comics she was familiar with as a child, and colors like those of fancy goods. It is important to Kyaraai that the works themselves have the aspect of children’s toys; They are like beads, sparkling and jewel-like but with a cheapness, something that will get dirty or broken one day. Although it is important to keep them clean and tidy, she wants her paintings to fade and become dirty one day. When she thinks about why she is attracted to such things, it might be because she feels that emotion that was close to her when she was living hard in real life before she discovered the Internet; It will keep her heart if she keeps “floating” on it.