Ryoko Kaneta

@Ryoko Kaneta

1991 茨城県生まれ
2014 横浜美術大学卒業
2024 流るる星々の行方/銀座 蔦屋書店 GINZA ATRIUM(東京)
2023 from beyond the sea/ARTTRIO(シンガポール)
2023 Snow in the Summer/Dorothy Circus Gallery(ロンドン)
2023 雪月風花/宝龍美術館(上海)
2023 幾星霜/美寓meistay(台北)
2022 In Our Nature/Corey Helford Gallery(ロサンゼルス)
2021 金烏玉兎/42 art space(北京)
2020 Through The Seasons/Four You Gallery(オンライン)
2020 あめつち/GalleryYukihira(東京)
2018 Together with the Rain/moon of silence(香港)
2017 The Whisper of Nautre/Long Dicision Gallery(メルボルン)

1991 Born in Ibaraki, Japan
2014 Graduated from Yokohama University of Art and Design
Ryoko Kaneta expresses the existence of gods, natural phenomena and other beings beyond human knowledge by depicting girls of various sizes. She has produced many works based on themes such as indigenous Japanese culture and everyday signs in recent years. She has organised ‘199X’ as an attempt to explore character expression in the same era since 2012.
Solo Exhibition
2024  The direction of shooting star / Ginza Tsutaya GINZA ATRIUM(Tokyo) 2023  from beyond the sea/ARTTRIO(Singapore)
2023  Snow in the Summer/Dorothy Circus Gallery(London)
2023  Snow, moon, winds and flowers/Powerlong Museum(Shanghai)
2023  Shrill of a Cicada/Meistay Art Gallery(Taipei)
2022  In Our Nature/Corey Helford Gallery(Los Angeles)
2021  Golden bird, pearl rabbit/42 art space(Beijing)
2020  Through The Seasons/Four You Gallery(Online)
2020  Heaven and earth/GalleryYukihira(Tokyo)
2018  Together with the Rain/moon of silence(Hongkong)
2017  The Whisper of Nautre/Long Dicision Gallery(Melbourne)

Actively participate in other group exhibitions and art fairs.