Yutaka Hashimoto

@Yutaka Hashimoto


1979 大阪生まれ

嵯峨美術短期大学 卒業

大阪総合デザイン専門学校 卒業




1979 Born in Osaka

Graduated from Saga Art College and Osaka Sogo College of Design

When humans first appeared on earth, I think we were just another life form, no different from all other animals and plants. With the birth of communities, languages and cultures, we eventually created a society of distinction, discrimination, and hostility.

We now live in a society with overflowing information, which pertains not only to our own community, language, or culture, and I feel that the profusion of textual and visual images is greatly affecting the way we distinguish and discriminate others from ourselves.

If the information we receive from our surroundings approached zero, what kind of emotions would arise? In such a moment of null, I contend that the distinction between ‘self’ and ‘other’ would disappear, and you would return to a primitive state of existence.

My artistic work is research to substantiate this hypothesis of utilizing the spatial device of ‘NULL’ to approach zero bias.