Hime、巻田はるか、Wataru Kimura
On and On

2024.07.12 Fri. – 07.23 Tue.

Artists | Yeka Haski, Mifuu Oda, Yutaka Shimomura, Theo HAZE, Bell Nakai
Yutaka Hashimoto, Hime, Haruka Makita, Wataru Kimura

Hours | 11:00-19:00
Open everyday


KAMIZU exhibition

2024.07.26 Fri. – 08.06 Tue.

Artists |Issei Kitagawa, Masafumi Sanai, Kenshu Shintsubo, Ryoji Tanaka, Mikiko Hayashi, Rintaro Fuse, Hisashii Yamamoto, Shu Yonezawa

Hours | 11:00-19:00
Open everyday


YOD Editions


2024.7.13 Sat – 8.2 Fri

この度、YOD Editionsでは、中居ベル 個展 『はちゃめちゃパーティー』を開催いたします。
中居ベルは、2019年より独学で現代アート作品の創作活動を開始。作品をInstagramで発信し、作品に興味を持ったアートコレクターの推薦で東京のグループ展(Collectors’ Collective Vol.1)に参加(初展示)。これを機に、現代美術家として国内外での活動機会を増やしていきます。

We are pleased to announce the solo exhibition ‘Crazy Party’ by Bell Nakai.
In 2019, Bell Nakai began creating contemporary art by her own self. She started sharing her work on Instagram and through recommendations from art collectors who have interested in her work. She participated in a group exhibition in Tokyo (Collectors’ Collective Vol.1), marking her debut. This opportunity led her to increase her activities as a contemporary artist both domestically and internationally.
Many of Bell Nakai’s works feature colorful and cute girls desperately trying to convey something. She created a world which cuteness and a sense of suffocation coexist, and the whole concept is based on Japan’s unique expressions of “girl manga” and “pop culture”. She apply appropriation techniques to portray a simple yet realistic world.
She strive to input the essence of “free, fun, and sometimes a little aggressive” into her works that inspired by everyday life.
Hope you enjoy the exhibition.

17:00〜 軽食やお飲物をご用意して、お待ちしております。
■Artist in attendance: 13th July (Sat.) 2024
17:00~ We will be waiting for you with refreshments and drinks.

Artists | Bell Nakai
Hours | 13:00-19:00
Closed | Sat, Sun  *Open on 13th July (Sat.)
Venue | YOD Editions
530-0047 大阪市北区西天満 4-5-2 老松ビル2F
Oimatsu Bldg. 2F, 4-5-2 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka, JAPAN 530-0047
Email | info@yoded.com
Tel | +81 (0)6 6949 9105






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