1986 大阪生まれ

2004-07 京都精華大学 漫画学科マンガコース在籍

Himeは、2008年からファッション業界で働きながらカメラマン活動を始めました。主にクラブやDJのイベントを撮影しながらchari&co、override 、PARADOX、REBERTASなど様々なアパレルブランドの撮影を担当してきました。2013年に渡米後、2014年から東京へ移住し、ファッション業界のカメラマンとして活動しながら、2019年よりフリーランスのイラストレーターとしてスタートを切ります。80年代のテイストで女性をメインとしたイラスト作品をInstagramで発表し続け、アーティストとして注目を浴びています。


1986 Born in Osaka

2004-07 Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Manga, Story Manga course

2008 started working as a fashion photography for brands, Live events.

2013 spent some time in the United States

2014 Moved to Tokyo to work as a fashion photographer

2019 Started working as a freelance illustrator, mainly creating 1980’s inspired images of female figures

Hime started his career as a photographer in 2008 while working in the fashion industry. While he mainly focused on shooting club and DJ events, he also took pictures for fashion brands such as chari&co, override, PARADOX, REBERTAS, etc. After spending one year in the U.S., he moved to Tokyo in 2014 to work as a fashion photographer. In 2019, he started his career as a freelance illustrator. He has gained wide public recognition as an artist with his illustration works that feature women in the 80’s style.

Hikaru Narita


1989 青森県生まれ

2013 武蔵野美術大学造形学部彫刻学科卒業

2015 武蔵野美術大学大学院造形研究科修士課程美術専攻彫刻コース修了



1989 Born in Aomori prefecture, Japan

2013 Graduated from Department of sculpture, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University (Bachelor) 

2015 Graduated from Department of sculpture, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University (Master)

Narita’s works feature mass-production toys that are tossed by people and become trash. By illustrating those wasted toy figures as well as parts of the toy that are scaled up, Narita’s sculpture brings out not only a sense of nostalgia but also an odd feeling for viewers who live in the consumer society.



1995 バンコク生まれ

2019 Deakin Melbourneメルボルン校大学在籍中



1995 Born in Bangkok

2019 Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) Deakin Melbourne

Kenz draws his inspiration from the human state of mind, memories and the tension between consciousness and unconsciousness. He is interested in exploring the concept of nostalgia and innocent childhood memories through the depiction of his own personal objects from early life such as rubber bath ducks and walking push toys. His work focuses on the relationship between humans and objects that have the ability to bring back strong visual memories. This is executed through his signature style of vibrant tones and artificial like color palette coupled with kinetic layering lines that provide dynamism.

Motonori Uwasu


1975 大阪府生まれ
1999 大阪芸術大学芸術学部美術学科卒業

私にはぼんやりとした記憶の風景があります。子供の頃、父や母が運転する車に乗せられ、窓からひたすらに眺め続けた風景です。 どこをどう走ったのか全く分かりませんが、奇妙な建物や点々と並ぶ家々の風景を、ただ ただ眺めていたことは覚えています。

今日、インターネットのおびただしい量の情報を目にしていると、ふと懐かしさを感じることがあります。もちろん、見たことも行ったこともない場所の画像です。それらは昔、 車から眺めていたあの漠然とした風景を私に思い出させ、私の記憶を混乱させます。その 時私は、私の記憶や経験という文脈がとても曖昧で弱いものだと気づきます。

私の制作は日々の大量にインターネットに載せられる等価な風景に、不自然な輪郭と不正確な奥行きを持たせることで、等価から距離を生み、少しだけ新しい個人的な風景を生 み出します。その新しい風景体験は、私の人生を先に進めてくれるものと信じています。


1975  Born in Osaka
1999  Graduated from Osaka University of Arts,Fine Art Department

I have a vague scene of memory. A scene that I would be seeing from a car my mother or father was driving in my childhood. Though I had no idea where we were driving, I still remember I was simply watching scenery of odd buildings and houses in line.

Today, we have access to tremendous amount of information in the Internet. Among them, pictures and movies of landscape to which I have never been remind me of the buildings and houses in my memory. I then get to realize that something in the context of memory and experience is vague and weak.

My works brings unnatural outlines and inaccurate depth to the equivalence, which makes a distance from the equivalence and creates personal scenery. I believe that this new scenery experience is to advance my life.

Wei Ting Chen

@Wei Ting Chen


1991 台湾生まれ

University of Taipei Department of Visual Arts 修士卒業

Fu Jen University of Chinese literature 大学卒業

現在、東京芸術大学 修士在学中

ウェイティン・チェンは台湾の台南で生まれ、漫画のキャラクターを描くのが大好きな子供時代を過ごしました。大学では、中国文学の専攻にて詩を学び、Roland L. Bachmannのフラグメントの概念に影響を受けました。チェンにとって、詩を書くことは「人生の一部」であると考えています。彼の主な作品は、アクリルで描かれた題材ですが、それはどこか詩的なストーリーを思い起こさせます。また、ビデオアートやアクションアート、彫刻など様々なメディアでの表現を通して自分の表現を深め、そこに子供と大人の違いを描き出そうとしています。いくつかの作品はリーパオ文化芸術財団のコレクションとして選ばれました。またグローバルな文脈で更なる表現追求のため、現在、東京藝術大学のグローバルアートプラクティスプログラムにて学んでいます。


Wei Ting Chen was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1991. His childhood was full of cartoon, and he liked to draw the characters. In Fu Jen University, he majored in Chinese Literature and started to write poems. He read Roland L. Bachmann’s concept of fragment. Roland wrote his books as fragments. viewers can read his works like puzzle. For Chen, he thinks the writing is a slice of life. Writing poems became another way of making a drawing.

His work is mostly graphics with acrylic paints, often accompanied by poems that correspond to the visual parts and provide a complete sense of a story.

He also works with different media, such as video art, action art, and sculpture. He took part in Nuit Blanche Taipei in 2017, an art event with lots of performance. He still thinks about the expression of his work and show the differences between child and adult. Besides, some works he created is now in the collection of Lih-pao Cultural Arts Foundation.

In a search for more opportunities for exchange with different artists and starting new projects, he currently studies in the Global Art Practice program at Tokyo University of the Arts. He lives and works in Tokyo.

Yutaka Hashimoto

@Yutaka Hashimoto


1979 大阪生まれ

嵯峨美術短期大学 卒業

大阪総合デザイン専門学校 卒業




1979 Born in Osaka

Graduated from Saga Art College and Osaka Sogo College of Design

When humans first appeared on earth, I think we were just another life form, no different from all other animals and plants. With the birth of communities, languages and cultures, we eventually created a society of distinction, discrimination, and hostility.

We now live in a society with overflowing information, which pertains not only to our own community, language, or culture, and I feel that the profusion of textual and visual images is greatly affecting the way we distinguish and discriminate others from ourselves.

If the information we receive from our surroundings approached zero, what kind of emotions would arise? In such a moment of null, I contend that the distinction between ‘self’ and ‘other’ would disappear, and you would return to a primitive state of existence.

My artistic work is research to substantiate this hypothesis of utilizing the spatial device of ‘NULL’ to approach zero bias.




1998 フィリピン生まれ

2011 聖トマス大学 建築学部 卒業

Yokの作品は、簡潔な線と形を用いて、鑑賞者にありふれた日常の光景の美しさを見せています。彼が主張しているのは、人生は必ずしも豪華かつ贅沢である必要はないということで、むしろ簡潔さの中に美しさは存在するということです。 Yokが描く伝統とは異なる独特の絵画において、鑑賞者は複雑な美術批評からは離れ、作品そのものに向かい合うことができます。Yokは、建築やファッションなど、様々な媒体と自身の美学を結びつけることに取り組んでいます。


1998 Born in the Philippines

2011 Graduated from Department of Architecture, St. Thomas University of Osaka

Yok’s works use simple lines and shapes to portray the beauty of ordinary, everyday things. He argues that life does not necessarily have to be luxurious and extravagant; instead, beauty exists in simplicity. Yok’s unique, non-traditional paintings allow viewers to step away from the complexities of art criticism and face the work itself. He works to connect his aesthetic to a variety of mediums, including architecture and fashion.