Wei Ting Chen

@Wei Ting Chen


1991 台湾生まれ

University of Taipei Department of Visual Arts 修士卒業

Fu Jen University of Chinese literature 大学卒業

現在、東京芸術大学 修士在学中

ウェイティン・チェンは台湾の台南で生まれ、漫画のキャラクターを描くのが大好きな子供時代を過ごしました。大学では、中国文学の専攻にて詩を学び、Roland L. Bachmannのフラグメントの概念に影響を受けました。チェンにとって、詩を書くことは「人生の一部」であると考えています。彼の主な作品は、アクリルで描かれた題材ですが、それはどこか詩的なストーリーを思い起こさせます。また、ビデオアートやアクションアート、彫刻など様々なメディアでの表現を通して自分の表現を深め、そこに子供と大人の違いを描き出そうとしています。いくつかの作品はリーパオ文化芸術財団のコレクションとして選ばれました。またグローバルな文脈で更なる表現追求のため、現在、東京藝術大学のグローバルアートプラクティスプログラムにて学んでいます。


Wei Ting Chen was born in Tainan, Taiwan in 1991. His childhood was full of cartoon, and he liked to draw the characters. In Fu Jen University, he majored in Chinese Literature and started to write poems. He read Roland L. Bachmann’s concept of fragment. Roland wrote his books as fragments. viewers can read his works like puzzle. For Chen, he thinks the writing is a slice of life. Writing poems became another way of making a drawing.

His work is mostly graphics with acrylic paints, often accompanied by poems that correspond to the visual parts and provide a complete sense of a story.

He also works with different media, such as video art, action art, and sculpture. He took part in Nuit Blanche Taipei in 2017, an art event with lots of performance. He still thinks about the expression of his work and show the differences between child and adult. Besides, some works he created is now in the collection of Lih-pao Cultural Arts Foundation.

In a search for more opportunities for exchange with different artists and starting new projects, he currently studies in the Global Art Practice program at Tokyo University of the Arts. He lives and works in Tokyo.