Ryoko Kaneta

@Ryoko Kaneta

1991 茨城県生まれ
2014 横浜美術大学卒業
神や自然現象など人知を超えた存在を大小様々な女の子たちを描くことにより表現している。近年では日本の土着的な 文化や日常的な気配などをテーマとした作品を多く制作。2012 年からは同時代のキャラクター表現を模索する試みと して「199X」を主催している。
2022「In Oue Nature」Corey Helford Gallery(アメリカ)
2021「金烏玉兎」42 art space(中国)
2020「Through The Seasons」Four You Gallery(オンライン)
2018「Together with the Rain」moon of silence(香港)
2017「The Whisper of Nautre」Long Dicision Gallery(オーストラリア)
1991 Born in Ibaraki, Japan
2014 Graduated from Yokohama College of Art and Design
Ryoko Kaneta uses the female figure to personify elements of nature. These include the phenomenon of weather and dramatic seasonal transformation. She paints according to ancient Japanese philosophies, including the thought that God dwells in all beings. Her descriptive paintings are embedded in historic cultures yet exist as fleeting spectacles of nature. Kaneta has organized multiple group exhibitions under the title ‘199X’ from 2012. These shows feature the work of artists, including Kaneta, who were born in the 90’ s and grew up surrounded by Japanese manga.
Solo Exhibition
2022 “In Oue Nature” Corey Helford Gallery (America)
2021 “金烏玉兎” 42 art space (Bejing, China)
2020 “Through The Seasons” Four You Gallery (Online)
2020 “AMETSUCHI” GalleryYukihira (Tokyo, Japan)
2018 “Together with the Rain” moon of silence (Hong Kong)
2017 “The Whisper of Nature” Long Division Gallery (Melbourne, Australia)
And attended a number of group exhibitions and art fairs